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Basque Country flags

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Basque Country flags made from 100% polyester with different types of manufacture and finishes, especially for outdoor use.

Basque Country flag

Basque Country flag

Flag of the Province of Alava


Flag of the Province of Guipúzcoa


Flag of the Province of Biscay

The Basque Country flag – known as Ikurriña – is a symbol for this autonomous region. However, did you know that its creation dates back more than 100 years? It was inspired by the Cross of Saint Andrew that appears on the flag of Galicia. However, the Basques changed its colours by swapping the blue for an emerald green.

In fact, the colours of its flag have a very special meaning for this region. The colour red refers to Biscay as it shares the colour of its coat of arms; the green is the colour of independence; and the vertical white cross stands for the motto “God and the old law”.

One peculiar aspect you may not have known is that the Ikurriña is not only a flag for the Basque Country but is also found in… Johnson County, Wyoming! Over on the other side of the world, the US state wanted to pay tribute to its Basque ancestors – hence, they share a flag.

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