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Galicia flags

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Galicia flag made from 100% polyester with different types of manufacture and finishes, especially for outdoor use.

Galicia flags

Galicia flags

Flag of the Province of Lugo


Flag of the Province of Orense


Flag of the Province of Pontevedra

The Galicia flag is a symbol of pride in this autonomous region in northern Spain. Its colours, white and blue, along with its highly characteristic shield is what make this banner unique and so well known.

Do you know the origin of the diagonal strip across the white background? There are two versions of the meaning behind this symbol. On the one hand, it is thought to refer to the Miño river and its importance in Galicia. While others clearly see the Celtic influence on the Galician flag as it is inspired by the cross of Saint Andrew.

With regard to the coat of arms, the Holy Grail stands out and has a clearly Catholic component and is evidence of the importance of the Church in this region. However, the pagan version tells that the host that appears on the shield is actually the sunset over the sea.

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