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La Rioja flag

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La Rioja flags

La Rioja flags

La Rioja flag

Red, white, green and yellow. These are the colours that define the flag of La Rioja. This highly colourful standard has several meanings, hence the choice of these specific colours. The red refers to wine, a characteristic product of this region. The white symbolises the rivers and the region’s clear skies. The green represents the fields, mountains and forests. And the yellow represents the fertile land.

This is one of the newest of Spain’s flags as it was created in 1977, during a period of change within the country.

Its coat of arms consists of a royal crown and two partitions. In one of these is the design of the Red Cross of Santiago over some mountains, which refer to Monte Laturce – a very popular summit in the area of Logroño. In the other partition is a golden castle standing on a bridge under which a river is passing.

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