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Extremadura flag

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Extremadura flag made from 100% polyester with different types of manufacture and finishes, especially for outdoor use.

Extremadura flags

Extremadura flags

Province of Badajoz flag


Province of Cáceres flag

The Extremadura flag is one of the most significant symbols of this autonomous regional government. Green, white and black placed in horizontal stripes are its colours and make it unique.

These colours were not chosen at random, as they are linked to the history of the region. Would you like to find out more?

The colour green symbolises the Order of Chivalry of Alcantara from 1156. The white relates to one of the colours of the flag of Castile and León, as it was Kingdom of León that conquered Extremadura. And the black is in honour of the Aftásidas Kings of Badajoz, who made Extremadura a rich kingdom during the 11th century.

The Extremadura coat of arms will remind you of Spain’s coat of arms as it is inspired by it. The gold crown, the four barracks with symbols of royalty and the Latin motto “Plus Ultra” (Beyond) matches that found on the national coat of arms.

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